From the creator

First of all: thank you so so much for joining the community of Kemonomimi/Nekomimi! It’s a great community with a lot of different fun people that brings us together.

I am just a little creative hyperactive girl who couldn’t decide what to do with her life. When I decided to create ears at first I never knew how fulfilling this would be. This community, the learning path and of course the partners to team up with. The growth of the brand, slowly getting a corporate identity that feels like a personal identity as well. This all evolved within Ears of Elina, into a project from Atelier la Plume, which is going to be my main artist page.

The things in life I adore are animals, Japan and anime, as well. I am really grateful to be able to create something that I love from both worlds and to hear the amazing feedback and support from you all. Thanks to you, I have this great dream that came true: owning a small business and be free in the art that I create!

Companies and artists we work together with

Atelier la Plume

The creator of Ears of Elina's portfolio and art page. My website to my other projects and pieces. Also available for other business inquiries.


Creator of the lovely Elina character and the self portrait of me. A very helpful, kind and professional artist with a clean anime art style.


Made the art on the freebies flyer and some art for Atelier la Plume's other projects. A great versatile artist with a huge ambition.


Set up the whole webshop and always helps with several changes, updates and troubleshooting with WordPress difficulties.