Ever had issues with storing your favorite pairs? Or wanting to bring a pair with you but just were afraid to mess them up in your bag? We know all about wanting to take good care of your beautiful wearable art pieces, so we made these protective pouches just for that! The pouch protects your ears against damage, getting tangled with other materials and discoloration by the sun / UV.

A microfiber bag with our logo in Rosegold on front and lace to tie it together. Store your precious ears with the luxury it deserves 👑💎

Will my ears fit?
The bag is 30cm x 21cm (+ a few cm extending cm due the high flap)
These sizes will fit most ear sizes,  including most bunny ears (up to ear length 5.5 inch, non folded) when put sideways.

Want to test?
Ears that fit easily on a piece of A4 paper will fit in here as well.